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Private Locate Services

The detection of all buried infrastructure that are not public and not listed by the application centres. These include electricity or telecommunications networks installed by a private company or an individual, old, or unreported pipelines, unlisted conduits, underground tanks, etc.

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Corporate, institutions, commercial and private property locating

GPR and specialty locates

Vital main standby

Natural gas sewer safety
and sewer laterals

Public Locate Services

The detection and the marking of underground networks such as telecommunications, electricity, sanitation and gas networks listed and represented at a provincial analysis and treatment centre.

Institutions, governments, municipalities and public property locating

Pipelines and sanitation network

Telecommunications infrastructures

Electricity network

Dedicated Locate Services

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and unmatched expertise, Promark-Telecon’s Dedicated Locator services are Project Owners’ one-stop shop to locate all underground infrastructure in the project limits. Dedicated Locators serve as trusted advisors, working hand-in-hand with project owners to streamline the construction process, helping to avoid potential issues and delays with critical site support that ultimately contributes to the seamless execution of your projects.

Excavator Site Support

Detailed Performance Reporting

Proactive Guidance (process, agreements)

Customized Services for your Project

Professional Audit & Specialized Training Services

Experience excellence with our premier Professional Locate Audit and Training services. As trailblazers in the Canadian industry, our team is comprised of highly seasoned Auditors and Trainers. Renowned for our excellence in the infrastructure locate world, we prioritize the safety of the public, workers, and critical network infrastructure. Specializing in both internal and external locates, we ensure unparalleled accuracy in every aspect of our operations. Our deep understanding of industry demands and best practices, combined with our dedication to delivering exceptional training led by certified instructors, sets us apart as leaders in the field.

Quality Control

Professional Training for Locates

Team Support for any Locate Requirements

Auditing Service for any Infrastructure

Types of underground infrastructures located


Street Lighting and
Electrical Infrastructures

Traffic Signals
(Detection loops)

Pipeline Gas Network

Water and Sewer

Other Underground Utility
and Structures

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