Technologies & Tools

No matter the scope or complexity of your project, our team possess the technologies and tools to locate any type of underground infrastructure.

Electromagnetic Locating

This method involves passing an electromagnetic frequency over conductive material such as copper, aluminum or iron to determine if there are underground utilities in a predetermined area.

Survey by geopositioning

This method precisely positions the located underground network by georeferencing the underground utilities on a detailed topographic map (longitude/latitude) of the targeted area.

Locating by georadar

This process can be used both indoors and outdoors to inspect various types of surfaces (concrete, drywall, gravel, soil, sand, etc.) using a scanner that locates buried utilities up to twelve meters deep.

Search for cable faults

Searching for faults consists of precisely detecting and locating a fault in an electrical or telecommunications cable in order to carry out repairs in a targeted manner.

Search for water leaks

This method involves inspecting pipes using a correlator to determine the presence of leaks and their precise location. It is also used to conduct periodic checks of the general condition of a waterworks system.

Locating detection loops

Detection loops are buried in the ground and used to detect vehicles passing overhead in order to synchronize traffic lights. They are of crucial importance for the safety of road users and must be located during excavation work near an intersection controlled by traffic lights.

Pipe inspection using a camera

In this process, a camera is attached to a cable and then inserted in the pipe to view the captured images in real time and detect any breakage, blockage or misalignment of the pipes.

Locating EMS marker balls

This process is used to trace the location of an old break, a joint or any other non-locatable utility by transmitting a radio frequency signal to a buried marker (EMS marker ball) that reflects the signal and gives a reading of its location through a visual and audible indicator.

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