Private Locate Services

The marking pros for private underground infrastructure.

The marking pros for private underground infrastructure: excavate with peace of mind

Recognized nationally for the reliability and quality of its locating services since 1997, Promark-Telecon is a Canadian pioneer in this field. Locating and marking underground installations is vital for safe, efficient excavation work and underground activities.


Private locating

Private locating detects all buried infrastructure that are not public and not listed by the application centres. These include electricity or telecommunications networks installed by a private company or an individual, old, or unreported pipelines, unlisted conduits, underground tanks, etc.

What’s the best way to proceed?

By avoiding any risk!
When they consult our team of experts before conducting their work, our clients get detailed information on everything located underground. Ground markings enable them to excavate safely, avoiding wasted time or damage to equipment.

The ideal partner

We are the ideal partner to help companies and individuals who own or are building infrastructure better manage their assets. We provide our clients with true peace of mind by identifying potential problems before they arise.

Promark-Telecon’s unparalleled reach

Promark-Telecon has resources and expertise that are unmatched in the industry. We are the Canadian pioneers of locating and take pride in our nearly 25 years of history. Powered by the Telecon group, we have the scale to cover all of Canada, providing our services to every type of Canadian infrastructure owner, including those with assets spread across different parts of the country.

Our clients can rely on our network of hundreds of skilled employees, along with a single bilingual contact point for multi-site coordination. This means less wasted time for our clients and greater efficiency in their project management.

Customized service for every region and every client

Our expertise and experience enable us to understand the issues, challenges and problems faced by infrastructure owners and to provide them with tailor-made service that will exceed their expectations.

While we are present in most major urban centres, our team also offers customized solutions in remote areas. We provide service that fits our clients’ specific needs at affordable prices wherever they are located.

Hundreds of private locates across two provinces

In partnership with ET Construction, we are delighted to have assisted a major fast-food chain in the redesign of its new digital signage for their drive-thru throughout Québec and Eastern Ontario.

To ensure top-quality standards across the country, along with greater efficiency in project management, ET Construction tasked Promark-Telecon with conducting private locatings at hundreds of sites. Our great agility also enabled us to support the chain at their sites in more far-flung regions.

Our innovative equipment and unique expertise, backed by 25 years of experience, helped us fulfil this mandate successfully despite its many complex technical challenges, including both electrical and sanitary locating. We are pleased to have met all the challenges and proud to have delivered the project on time.

Did know that there is also a whole ecosystem of unidentified private infrastructures beneath your site? This short video shows what can happen if you neglect to locate private underground utilities, and the direct impact this can have on your project delivery and finances.

Meet Simon Ouellette, Director, Localisation Québec, who explains the many advantages for private infrastructure owners of conducting a locate before starting a project.